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Here at Jonga Chicks we can supply you with a wide range of day old chicks of various colours and breeds. All of which can be fully traced
back to their breeding flocks. We ensure that our day old chicks are vaccinated against Marek’s disease and our team are happy to try and assist
with any questions you may have. We strive to source the best quality day-old Chicks at great prices!.



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Caring for your chics

Here at Jongas Chicks we want to provide you with the best possible advice on caring for your day-old chics. Once you receive your chics we advise that you:

Getting started

When your day-old chicks arrive, they will need some basic care for the first 6 weeks. You will need: Heat lamp- For less than 50 chicks, use a 100 watt


Welcome to our brand new website, selling a wide range of quality Day-Old chics at great prices! Here at Jongas Chicks we aim to sell you the best quality baby